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Gleeds is one of the world’s leading management and construction consultants with over 125 years experience in the building and construction industry.

Gleeds TV is Gleeds’ online video channel; we work in partnership with industry bodies and organisations such as RIBA, Open City, The Transformation Trust and BCSE, amongst others.

Our aim is to produce relevant video content for the industry; we have produced over 1000 videos over the past 5 years and are hungry for more! Do you have a project or initiative relevant to our industry? Get in touch via; we’d love to hear from you!

Videos to watch

The SCIN Gallery
The SCIN gallery is the UK's largest independent material sourcing and advisory company. SCIN sources, advises, creates and sells finishes and materials for every conceivable surface both inside and outside the building. Gleeds is proud to support SCIN, with our chairman Richard Steer appearing in their promotional video. The gallery is an unrivalled source of knowledge and inspiration and Gleeds' project leads are encouraged to seek advice and solutions from SCIN.
Open Debate - Interviews
Chaired by BBC’s Razia Iqbal, Open City’s Open Debate discussed whether London is building a sterile city? Following the lively debate, some of the panelist and guests provided further feedback and recommendations for a non-sterile London. Gleeds partnered with Open City and the Landscape Institute on this Open Debate’s first edition.
Open Debate - Summary
Open City launched the Open Debate around the question “Is London building a sterile city?” - following an open poll with 52% saying yes and 48% no. Chaired by BBC correspondent Razia Iqbal, the debate considered the make-up of local communities, public versus private realm spaces, sustainable development and the challenge of what is "good design".